• Our main venue: Het Nieuwe Instituut

    The Otterdam Furry Arts Festival (18-20 October) is thrilled to finally be able to announce our main venue: Het Nieuwe Instituut, an arts institution in Rotterdam’s beautiful Museumpark. Learn more at

    Photo of the exterior of Het Nieuwe Instituut
    Photo credit: Ben Bender, CC-BY-SA-3.0
  • Call for Papers for the world’s first furry studies conference, to be held at the Otterdam Furry Arts Festival

    The Otterdam Furry Arts Festival ( will host the world’s first furry studies conference, with the theme of “Being Furry”. With support from Swansea University (UK) and Birmingham City University (UK), the all-day conference will bring together academics from around the globe to “formalise a field of ‘furry studies’ that explores and examines this creative community.”

    Its chairs “encourage the submission of proposals for academic papers, short workshops, practitioner-based activities, best-practice showcases, and pre-formed panels. We welcome established academics at all stages of their careers, and warmly embrace independent scholars. We also encourage submissions from non-academic furries and welcome other presentation formats such as photographic essays, alternative presentation styles, etc.”

    The deadline for abstracts and/or proposals is Monday, 10 June 2024, at 1700 (UTC). All submissions will be double-reviewed by a panel of researchers who are actively involved in furry fandom. Submitters will be notified of the panel’s decision on 1 July 2024.

    For further information, see

  • Stichting Otterdam’s 2023 Financial Report

    Stichting Otterdam (the organisation running the Otterdam Furry Arts Festival) is pleased to release its 2023 Financial Report: Download it from

    Many thanks to Secretaris/Penningmeester Techwolf/Arumar for his pro-quality service in preparing it! We’re in good shape and looking forward to 2024.