The Otterdam Furry Arts Festival

18-20 October 2024
Het NIeuwe Instituut

Photo of an ape fursuiter with an excited child
Photo of someone sewing a paw
Model and camera: Denni; costume by Miesdo Creations

Be the animal you are!

Do you love talking-animal films?

Do you give your pets funny voices?

Do animal archetypes inspire and guide you in your daily life?

Then you’ll love the Otterdam Furry Arts Festival, where drawing, dance, costuming, and virtual reality collide in a celebration of all things “anthropomorphic”.

This family-friendly weekend puts you face to snout with creators and performers who specialise in “furry” art. It’s a place to play, create, and discover yourself.


  • Friday & Saturday (18-19 October) at Het Nieuwe Instituut
  • Sunday (20 October) around Rotterdam
  • Daytime program suitable for all ages
  • Free entry to most events

Stay in touch

Our charity: Stichting Otterstation Nederland

Photo of Stichting Otterstation Nederland founder Addy de Jongh with three otters
Founder Addy de Jongh of Stichting Otterstation Nederland and a friend. (Photo: Roel Hoeve)

Proudly hosting

The world’s first “Furry Studies” academic conference.

Furry Studies 2024 graphical banner
Two furry characters looking at themselves in a mirror in virtual reality.
Avatar of Awtter by Shade the Bat; avatar of TheDoctor26 by Kreic.

Visualise yourself as VR “fursonas”

A happy person posing with a coyote fursuiter
Photo: Gorgo; Pictured: Mazzel and Jack; costume by Squeak Creations

See custom-made, one-of-a-kind costumes

Cute charm by Purochen
Photo and art by Purochen

Bring home something adorable from the Artist’s Alley

Photo of a small collection of furry comics
Photo: Tom Geller

Discover the anime-inspired fandom that spawned a modern arts movement

Illustration of a furry character at a computer
From the documentary “The Fandom

Learn about the history, psychology, and social impact of anthropomorphic animals

Photo of a fursuiter seeing themself in a darkened screen
Photo: Gorgo; Blyde costume by Hellbound Creations.

See yourself in new ways – wolflike, catlike, anythinglike!